Learn to Meditate

Private & Group Lessons

Maybe you don’t consider yourself a meditator. You may, however, think that you can’t meditate because your mind won’t stop thinking. Or perhaps you can’t sit still or your legs fall asleep or you don’t have time. Maybe it sounds too crunchy for you or you don’t have time.  However, I believe that a dedicated practice holds the power to deeply impact your quality of life. The simple act of presence and awareness that meditation reinforces helps you release the past and release the limiting scripts that play over in your mind every day. Learning to be mindfully present in your life allows you to let go of what is not serving you (like anger, frustration and impatience) and fill your life with what will serve you.  The science behind meditation is real. It improves energy and vitality; enhances memory, attention and focus; reduces stress; improves sleep; and alleviates depression.


Deluxe Primer

$575 /
The Deluxe Primer is a 4-week series that helps individuals who are interested in building a foundation for a daily meditation practice. Each session is approximately 60 minutes and includes a variety of mindfulness and meditation techniques and practices including body awareness, breath awareness and mantras. Cultivate a practice that fits your lifestyle.
  • - Introductions and Assessments: Assess goals and explore the location, duration and time of day for meditating that best fits your life; includes a short clarity meditation practice.
  • - 4 Meditation Sessions: Identify the science behind stress and the essentials to building a meditation practice; explore various mindfulness and meditation techniques; assess progress of individual’s meditation practice; each session includes a guided meditation.
  • - Email support: Includes a weekly check-in throughout the duration of the program to provide accountability for your developing practice.

Gratitude as Meditation

$7 /
So you recognize that a gratitude practice improves your health, both physically and mentally, reduces aggression, helps you sleep better and can improve your self esteem, but you don’t know how to get started. Let me guide you through 21 days of practicing gratitude and you’ll be hooked. You’ll never let a day go by without it again!
  • - guided gratitude for 21 days

Meditation for the Holidays

$390 /
The ultimate Holiday Survival Skill! Do yourself (and everyone around you) a favor and learn how to meditate this holiday season. Experience more joy and less anxiety this winter by learning to meditate.
  • - Introduction to Meditation in 3 sessions.
  • - Learn tangible, stress-management skills to guide you through the holidays.
  • - Learn how to use your breath to break old, conditioned ways of responding to stress.
  • - Gain an understanding of how stress affects the body and how to manage it.
  • - Email support: Includes a weekly check-in throughout the duration of the program to provide accountability for your developing practice.