Do you feel stuck?
Want to lose weight?
Feel tired and need more energy?
Have food sensitivities?
Get hangry when you don't eat?
Worry that coffee is the only thing keeping you going?
Crave sugar and have a hard time resisting it?
Suffer from adult acne?
Feel overwhelmed by standard nutrition advice?

What if . . .

you knew what foods were best for you to eat?
you knew what foods were best for you to avoid?
you had a better understanding how your digestive system worked?
you knew the root causes of your digestive problems?

What if . . .
you knew how to eat in a way that supported your digestion and optimal health?
you avoided the foods that cause stress and inflammation in your body?
you addressed the foundations of your digestive problems and they improved by 20%?

What if they completely resolved?

What if . . . you could save time and frustration by not having to do it all on your own?

Nutritional therapy is a personal process that requires a shift in behavior and a change in mindset. I listen to your goals, struggles, concerns and complaints. We discuss your health history, food and mood journal and you complete an intensive nutritional assessment questionnaire to find out whether you're suffering from any foundational imbalances or dysfunctions. Then we work together to design a custom diet and lifestyle plan that optimizes your health. I provide recommendations from a holistic perspective, taking into account your bio-individuality and lifestyle needs and constraints. I provide the highest quality of weekly personal attention to find and correct the root cause of your concerns.
I am here to make a difference in YOUR life.  I am here to help you focus on YOU, to feel comfortable in your own skin, to be responsible for your happiness and to live a whole, happy life.  There isn't one way to do that.  I don't have a script that is the same for everyone.  We are all bio-individuals and we all need different things.  I use nutritional therapy, meditation, fitness and gratitude to motivate you and support you along the way.
All of my programs include nutritional therapy, fitness inspiration, meal planning, stress reduction, meditation guidance and self-care practices.  As a Nutritional Therapy Consultant I am trained to evaluate your nutritional needs and make dietary and nutritional supplementation recommendations. By approaching your health from a functional and foundational perspective, I holistically guide you to optimal health with personalized recommendations based on weekly interviews, analysis of your Food & Mood Journal as well as a thorough Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire.  And as a Certified Masters of Meditation Teacher I can teach you how to cultivate mindfulness through a meditation practice that helps you reduce stress, grief, anxiety, fear and sleep problems.
I urge you to put yourself first, to invest in yourself and to take action. Don't waste anymore time feeling frustrated. This is an investment in your peace of mind, your comfort in your body and your ability to live an authentic life. This one-on-one attention guarantees that you are motivated and supported to make lasting changes in your life.



Mini Wellness Check

$1099 /
(4-6 weeks)
  • Initial Consultation, included
  • 3 follow-up meetings
  • Unlimited email support


$1499 /
6-8 weeks
  • Initial Consultation, included
  • 5 Follow-up meetings
  • Unlimited email support


$1899 /
8-10 weeks
  • Initial Consultation, included
  • 7 Follow-up meetings
  • Unlimited email support

Initial Comprehensive Consultation

$300 /
  • The Initial Consultation is a time of in-depth information gathering and evaluation. We will discuss your health history and review your completed nutritional questionnaire in detail. You will receive my personalized nutritional recommendations for you, along with any appropriate supplemental and lifestyle suggestions. My recommendations will reflect your current nutritional need and provide a template to improve and support your healing and wellness. Though you won't get the detailed information that you would in a multi-session approach, you will get a chance to see if Nutritional Therapy is right for you without a larger initial commitment. You may upgrade to a package any point during this session and credit the price of this session towards the package of your choice.

Additional Follow-up Session

$175 /
30-40 minutes

In-Home Pantry Purge

$250 /
75 minutes
  • Learn how to clear your pantry and refrigerator of artificial flavors, preservatives, sugars and vegetable oils that harm your body. Get new ideas for healthy, nutrient-dense snacks and foods.
Initial Comprehensive Consultation
Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ)
Analysis of the NAQ
Food/Mood Journal Analysis
Personalized nutritional protocol based on your main health concerns as well as findings from the NAQ and food/mood journal
Recommendations for specific supplements, if indicated
Follow-ups to check progress and address any new concerns that may surface (30-45 minutes, each)
Unlimited email support
Additional support, as needed (such as handouts, tips, recipes and other recommendations)
Review and address lifestyle factors, including stress management, sleep habits, exercise and mindset with regard to food, diet and life
**Disclaimer: An NTC is not trained to treat any specific disease or medical condition.  NTCs are also not trained to make medical diagnoses or write prescriptions. No comment or recommendation from an NTC should be construed as a medical diagnoses or prescription.  If you suffer from a medical or pathological condition, you need to consult with an appropriate healthcare provider. An NTC is not a substitute for your family physician or other appropriate healthcare provider.
Reaching optimal health requires sincere commitment, possible lifestyle changes, and a positive attitude.  If you are not willing to change how you eat and live, Nutritional Therapy is not the right approach for you.