The Right Bite,™ Nutrition for Teens



Learn positive eating habits and how to fuel your body. Learn what to eat to support clear skin. Learn how to eat for athletic performance and academic success.  Learn how to use REAL FOOD to boost your energy and what sugar does to your body.  In just 5 weeks you’ll learn how to your prepare REAL FOOD to feed your body.


YOU'LL LEARN:                                                                                                       Benefits that participants have experienced: 

Week 1: Learn about macronutrients and how to plate your food.                                     Increased Energy

Week 2: Learn all about digestion and begin to break up with sugar.                               Clearer Skin

Week 3: Discover what sugar does to your body.                                                                   Better Sleep

Week 4: Fats and why they’re good for you.                                                                            More Focus

Week 5: Wrap up and re-introduction of foods.                                                                     Decreased Anxiety


Class Offerings

APRIL 30th for 5 weeks (ONLINE CLASS)

$379 for 5 weeks /
April 30; May 7; May 14; May 21; May 28
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