What Clients Are Saying
Wima S.

Stacy is simply amazing. I did the 12 week program with her and gained a wealth of information on myself and how to take care of “me” both physically and spiritually. She taught me different ways to meditate, and introduced me to gratitude, both of which I cannot go a day without. She designed workouts that would fit my schedule and checked on me periodically to see how my week was going. She made me see a different side of life, and helped to get in touch with a kinder and positive version of myself. Stacy is caring and passionate about sharing her knowledge with other. She really has changed me for the better and for that, I am forever grateful.

Colleen D.

I just had a yearly appointment with my doctor. He said that if he had to give me a report card I would get an A+. He told me to keep up my great work and said all of my numbers were great, and these numbers are after adding fat and dairy!!!! And more fatty meats! I’m so grateful. Thank you. Thank you. I feel so empowered. So vibrant. So healthy!!!


I worked with Stacy for about 8 weeks now and I can’t say enough about not only the mass amounts of information I’ve learned but the improvements in the way I look and feel! Stacy is knowledgeable and helpful and most important- non judgmental. She has taught me that it can be very easy to eat whole foods, stay full, and lose weight with no “diet”. For me, working with Stacy has become a lifestyle, for my entire family. She has supported me with suggestions and ideas and encouraged me to celebrate even the smallest changes. I would hire Stacy again in an instant and would encourage anyone I care about to do the same!

Kathleen T.

I just finished the RESTART® class with Stacy. I loved the education component of this class plus having a support group of people to work with. My digestive process greatly improved and I’m less gassy and bloated than I was 4 weeks ago. I’m so excited to have learned how to read food labels and make better choices.

Imogen F.

Stacy taught me about the importance of reading food labels, the affects of meditation, the importance of exercise and sleep, not only for myself, but for my family too. I enjoyed personal one-to-one tailored fitness instruction and healthy cooking lessons. It was refreshing to be taught by Stacy who is so professional and has a natural passion for holistic health and wellbeing. Her knowledge is really quite remarkable and I am forever thankful.

Laura B.

Before I started working with Stacy, I didn’t really know what meditation was, and I didn’t have any kind of expectation of what I would get out of it. I knew I was feeling more stress than ever before, and I was having trouble sleeping and relaxing. After our first class, I felt inspired and empowered to try this thing out. Now years into our relationship, I am a hugely present person by comparison. By practicing meditation (something I’ve learned is unique to everyone), I am present and alert with my family to enjoy the fun times. I’m the tireless professional my job calls for. I have hobbies I enjoy. I sleep when it’s time for bed and greet each new and unpredictable day with a calm and content smile. I can draw a line in the sand and definitely say that what Stacy has shared with me transformed my life, and I love the good energy I am capable of offering.