Grateful Living

Like meditation, gratitude has the ability to change your life.  I started practicing gratitude daily about 5 years ago and it completely changed my life. I wasn't a miserable person by any stretch but since incorporating gratitude into my life I have been able to appreciate my life rather than worrying about my life.


There are two components to gratitude.  

The first is the affirmation of something good in our lives and the second is that gratitude forces us to look outside ourselves (outside of the ego) for the good.

Gratitude can have transformative effects because it allows us to be present in the moment. It encourages us to appreciate the value of what we have. The more we can appreciate that value, the less likely we are to take it for granted.  Gratitude also has the tendency to block negative emotions like jealousy, resentment or regret because you cannot feel grateful and resentful at the same time. 

5 Gratitude Tips

Learn how to practice gratitude and learn how to reshape your life. I mean it. I’m not overstating this AT ALL. Gratitude can feel fake and phony at first but I promise it will totally and completely change your life. It’s my religion. My family and I even practice it at dinner every night.
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Change Your Life with 21 Days of Gratitude

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Gratitude improves your health, both physically and mentally, reduces aggression, helps you sleep better and improve your self esteem. But what does practicing gratitude actually look like? Learn how to get started. Let me guide you through 21 days of practicing gratitude and you’ll be hooked. You’ll never let a day go by without it again!
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