My New Normal

    I’m struggling right now. Not only am I struggling with the lack of routine and structure, but I’m struggling with all this family time together. Needless to say, it’s uncomfortable, unfamiliar and sticky.
    In an effort to find some stability in this very uncertain moment, here’s what I do every day.
    1. Meditate. Need a guided meditation? start here or here.
    2. Practice yoga, workout or walk. My local yoga studio is holding virtual classes so I’m still showing up for my favorite classes.
    3. Drink mushroom coffee. This Four Sigmatic Adaptogen Coffee Mix is one of my favorites. And mushrooms are adaptogens which help moderate stress.
    4. Drink 80 ounces of water a day. We often mistake thirst for hunger so getting between 80 to 100 ounces a day will help curb the munchies.
    5. Get outside in the sun for 20 minutes (I live in Florida, so that’s easy). Nature has anti-inflammatory effects and lowers cortisol (a stress hormone) in our bodies.
    6. Check in on my peeps via a group chat. Use Webex or Zoom to set up a live group video chat. Connection is essential right now. Just because we’re isolated doesn’t mean we have to be alone.
    7. Only check the news once a day. We live in a noisy world and we have between 60-80,000 thoughts a day. So adding a non-stop, negative news cycle to that can be debilitating. Check into stay informed but don’t get sucked in.
    8. Watch movies with the family. We’re all watching the new Netflix show, Locke & Key. It even keeps the 14 year-old out here with us for an episode or two in the evenings.
    9. Try to go to bed at a normal time. It’s easy to get out of a routine given the state of flux we’re living in right now but creating routine and ritual ensures that we come back to healthy practices and habits. Plus, sleep boosts the immune system.


    My New Normal

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