My Real Fitness Tribe:

Working out is a chore for most people.  It’s something that gets put on the to-do list.  Rare is the person who works out ‘just because’.  But when you do it with a tribe, it’s a breeze.  I’m not necessarily suggesting that you work out with a crowd of people because that can be intimidating and well, too people-ey.  But what can make a huge difference in your progress, your determination and your success is to join a tribe of people doing the same thing.  Virtually.
Every morning I check in with my tribe.  They hold me accountable and help my consistency.  Some days are hard but with support, everything is easier.  We rely on each other.  We inspire each other. We commiserate each other.  And we build each other up.  It’s amazing what can happen when we drop the judgment .and support each other.  MAGIC HAPPENS.  You feel better.  You feel loved.  You feel strong.  You feel encouraged.  You feel like you can do it.
With all my heart I believe in the power of deep connection, even in a workout tribe.  Those deep connections will support you and motivate you and love you.  Are you ready to join our tribe?

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