This is THE simplest tool you can use to begin meditating and can be the foundation for a long-lasting meditation practice.

Think of something that has irritated or bothered you in the past few days.  Is it something someone has said to you that’s bothered you?  A disappointment or unmet expectation?  Don’t go deep, this isn’t meant to be therapy. Just think of something annoying that happened this week. Envision the other person’s face. Replay the moment in your mind’s eye. Take a few moments to settle into that space.

Now, take a long, slow, deep breath in through your nostrils and as you do, slowly count to four and OBSERVE the air as it enters your nostrils and passes to the back of your throat and into your lungs and your belly.

Feel your belly expand. OBSERVE your belly being filled and hold that breath to the count of four.  Just watch the breath sit in your body and your belly as you silently count.

Now slowly, to the count of four, release your breath while you watch it leave your body from your belly, back up through your lungs and chest, up through your throat and out your nostrils.  When that last wisp of air leaves your nostrils, hold that empty breath the count of four.

OBSERVE IT, WATCH IT SILENTLY, WITNESS IT as it disappears into the air. Now breathe normally.  Try that with your eyes closed and do it twice. Go ahead, do it now.

This practice lasts for 32 seconds. And in that half a minute while you are observing your breath, you are totally present. You aren’t thinking about past grievances or regrets.  You aren’t worrying. You aren’t making lists.  You aren’t thinking about your irritation. YOU ARE TOTALLY IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

Your mind is clearer.  Your heartbeat has slowed a bit and you’ve filled your body with heavily oxygenated blood and nourishing hormones.  You’ve also released a little bit of stress.

The technical term for this exercise or meditation is a pattern interrupt. This process allows you to break the flow of negative and conditioned physical and emotional responses.

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